Mercury creates an effortless way to help you stay in control of your inbox.



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The most received emails in an inbox are spam emails that clutter and distract from our most important senders. These unwanted messages often make using a single email address impossible, creating the need to manage multiple personal email addresses. Without proper filtration in an email client, deleting these emails can quickly become monotonous and difficult to sort.


As the lead UI / UX designer, ensuring the bridge between having a well thought out experience coincide with a design that reflected the choices was vital during the creation of this project.

Target Users


“I just want an easy way to delete my emails.”


“I wish there was the ability to delete emails by sender because I keep getting emails from this one person lol.”


“I’ve used other applications and none of them are easy to use. They all have so many buttons are look like they were made 10 years ago.”

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Mercury strives to eliminate unwanted emails by easily organizing your inbox.

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The initial phase of the research process was to identify competitive email applications and learn their functionality to determine how the filtration system works when organizing spam and other unwanted emails. During this period, it was discovered that many of these applications only allow for the ability to select singular emails for deletion or all emails and there was clearly a lack of options. Many users receive multiple emails from the same person or company and although most companies provide the opportunity to unsubscribe from within an email, this often does not always work. When designing the application, having the ability to easily filter and delete emails was essential to accommodate a simple and straightforward workflow.

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User Flow

During this process, reducing as many unessential nested pages as possible was a main priority. Designing this unified system allowed the ability to identify any limitations in the user flow much easier.

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Take control of your space.


The typography, colours, and icon set all follow a clean and minimal design language, creating a unified experience allowing the application to be easily discernable by any user. The modernized refresh of the application also introduces a dark mode to compliment the design and reduce eye strain when using the application to sort through emails early in the morning or late into the night.

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Curated Sorting

The ability to sort by sender allows the user to quickly view and delete all messages from a specific source. Additionally, the sort by date feature allows for a more fine-tuned filter to delete messages from just the right moment.

Improved Accessibility

The interface overhaul introduces a fresh take on the application to keep the best features while reducing any unnecessary steps, allowing for a more engaging and simplified experience.

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During the process of redesigning the application the challenges faced mostly came from dissecting the process of email clients to learn how they process and delete messages. While many email clients provide a way to delete messages, learning the pain points of the user allowed for the ability to better identify what was lacking and hindered the experience of sorting through unwanted emails much easier.

Lessons Learned

Overall, this project was a great learning experience to delve more deeply into competitive research and to learn the architecture of how different applications process similar information.

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